I believe that we are all artists, designing our reality every day... through who we Be.

I believe the most creative act you do in your life is designing your reality; altering your perception, choosing who you Be and how you show up in life... consciously instead of compulsively.

As you embody your creative choice... you live into your dream lifestyle, love, business, wealth. Shift who you Be, and everything you Do and Have organically shifts in accordance. It's inevitable.

After a 20+ year journey through the HEaling ARTs, I am living my chosen masterpiece and have devoted my career to supporting you into living yours.

THIS IS the heart of business
...it begins with you.

Growing up with chaos, violence, instability, and dis-ease of varying degree in my family, I was called to the healing arts at a young age. (I define the healing arts as... the field of creative practices & processes that evoke healing, transformation, evolution, and overall well-being.)

From 12-22 I obsessed over the human psyche and potential; consuming self-help books, attending college for psychology with dreams of becoming a therapist, practicing yoga and meditation and breathwork, studying varying spiritual traditions, and exploring a wide range of healing modalities and teachings.

In 2012, as a tender 22 year old, I was initiated into one of the great identity crumbles of life—the death of my mother. The ending of my mom's life was as tragic and traumatic as her (our) lived experience was. The depths of my grief and rage lit a fire of passion in me and I decided to pivot professionally, setting my sights on law school to pursue a career in mental health advocacy/activism. While personally beginning to dip my toes in somatic, energetic, and shamanic healing experiences that were unknowingly planting the seeds for the work I do today.

5 years, 1 cPTSD diagnosis, and a shit ton of personal growth and healing later, I found myself more in touch with me, but elbows deep in a career that was sucking my soul and leaving me with little time or resources left for... life. I was unhappy with my personal life, my love life, my financial situation... literally every domain of life except for my relationship to me felt dull.

I knew I had outgrown the struggle and grind. WTF was the point of all the "healing" if I was still living in a way that felt... like jail... to my soul. I dreamt of a life of freedom, joy, and ease. But I didn’t see anyone around me living that. I had no reference for how to live that way. I saw it in my mind's eye. I felt the possibility alive in my body. But was scared out of my mind to fuck around and find out how.

Which is why I knew I had to.


Creative choice in all things. The healing power of loving, direct communication. Living a life I am wildly obsessed with and supporting others to do the same.


Small talk. Productivity Hacks.  Shoulds.  Rushing. Sweeping things under the rug. Playing the blame & shame game. Being told I can't. ;)


Lost in deep conversation or childlike play with my humans. Snuggled with my pets and a book. Chasing a screaming toddler or 3. Driving my car up the coast; windows down, music up. Perusing the aisles of a bougie healthfood store. (DId someone say samples?!)

daily rituals:

Connect to my heart, connect with my loved ones, connect to and create from multidimensional presence, serve Life as Love.

daily rituals:

In November 2017, just 6 months after graduating law school, I quit my job (the one that was once *the dream*, the one that many of my peers weren’t able to land, the one that I was called crazy for leaving "committing career suicide" I was told) with no plan but to move across the country, live with a friend, and find out what else I could make of my one & only life. With the commitment to myself that, whatever I did next, it was going to feel like art.

The story of... taking the alchemical, esoteric, emotional, transformational teachings and tools I had learned over the years… and putting them into practical, material use. In my life first, in the business I designed as a result.

The story of... not just talking my talk but walking my walk. Choosing and creating a life that is my soul’s deepest desire, my heArt’s highest expression… brought to life.

The story of… turning dreams into reality. Designing a life that feels like art in every dimension. Holistically.

By sharing my story. My heArt. Through Instagram and a podcast. That organically developed into a business I never could have dreamt up for myself while sitting in my windowless office in the moldy courtroom in New Orleans, daydreaming of what else could be.

In 2018 I started working with 1:1 clients as a coach, mentor, intuitive guide. And have since created dozens of digital offerings, served hundreds of private clients, thousands of course students, and hundreds of thousands of podcast listeners. All while... moving to sunny Los Angeles, meeting a community of friends that are family, falling in love with the man who was going to rapidly be my husband, having three (!!!) babies in 13 monrha, making more money than any woman in my lineage, changing the entire trajectory of my family line, having a motherfucking blast along the way, and lighting the path for other women to do the same. Like... WHAT?


the beginnings...






Teas & Tonics





to this podcast episode!

Patrick Avalon

My Favorite Things

MY FUR BABIES. Animals have been the truest soulmates I have known in this lifetime. My frenchie, June Bug, and two kitties, Klyopa & Minkus (RIP) have walked me through the last decade of life.

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MY COMMUNITY. Friends who are family are truly the foundation of all I Be, Do, Have.

MY FAMILY. My husband Patrick, our son, Wes, and our twin daughters, Mia and Willow. My relationship with this man and the life we have so intentionally designed together is my (our) greatest pride and joy; our greatest masterpiece.

EXPLORING NEW PLACES. In my mind && in the world. ;) I have traveled to every continent except Antartica by myself. Wanderlust lives in my bones, and I've lived it well. My next fronteir is sharing this with my babies as they grow.

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LEARNING NEW THINGS. I am a forever student. You can find me studying anything human psyche, spirit, Becoming; art, travel, design, food in my free time.

INTUITIVE INTERIOR DESIGN. My forever favorite form of physical art, the most effortless language I speak, the passion of my soul—creating an environment that fosters beauty, intimacy, luxury, heArt in our daily life.

My Favorite Things

CONTEXT FOR my work with entrepreneurs

Where Embodiment Meets Business

Over the years my practice has organically filled with creative entrepreneurs, consultants, and executives seeking my council in alignment, creativity, and leadership in business. Business conversations have become the center of my work, but with a unique, true-to-my-heArt flavor. I want to take a moment to expand upon this... long-form style.

Building a business has transformed my life more intensely, intentionally, and rapidly than any modality or practice I have encountered over two decades of immersive education and experience in the transformational/healing arts. Because of how I approach it—as a transformational, healing art of its own. As a profound personal development portal.

I see the entrepreneurial path as the ultimate co-creative path; one where you are bringing your visions, dreams into form in a very tangible way, on a daily basis. Because your material needs and desires are "on the line" as you create, the stakes can feel high and fear/ego can (and often does) begin to run the show, which cuts you off from your highest potential of creating in alignment with your soul/energetic signature. (I've seen this carry on for clients making many, many millions of dollars. It's more about the *experience of* safety, survival, belonging, and trust than the material.)

As you build, you are presented many opportunities to learn about yourself and choose how you create. If you are willing to slow down and drop in as you design your business, you will become increasingly aware of where you react compulsively and where you respond consciously to Life; to where you compromise your Self, your heArt for perceived safety and belonging. You will be presented with profound opportunities to feel, heal, reprogram, and transform into the embodiment of that which you desire to offer through your work in the world. And as you do, your work begins to blossom and blast off in true congruency.

I see business as the ultimate mirror to our personal and collective unconscious beliefs—about who we are, what we are capable of, how much we can receive, how much we can hold, how much we can be seen and known in our fullest creative expression. I see business as one of many transformative tools that helps us shape our reality. As you build your business, your business is building you.

I believe the business you design should fuel the life you desire to live. I believe that we can make a massive impact, outrageous income, and change the world most when we are living our unique soul alignment and ultimate creative expression. Which is going to look different for each of us. I believe we have to stand in our sovereignty and forge our own way instead of looking around to others and replicating theirs, hoping to also replicate their success. True, holistic success—wealth that is built on a foundation of well-being—is only found within, and expressed without.

As such, my approach to co-creation in business supports you in your relationship to your work above all else. Really, my approach to business is the same as my approach to all transformation. Together we co-create through the unconscious, energetic, symbolic, and somatic realms. Intelligent, intentional, simple, effective strategies and practical application are important (and is a zone of genius of mine; thank you law school for refining my mind into laser precision), but I will *always* point you to the immaterial, energetic happenings that are creating your material having, first.

AS A COACH/MENTOR/GUIDE, I WILL... stand as a mirror to where your programming has a chokehold on your creative process and on that which you are creating and guide you back to your unique creative pulse, your energetic signature, your heArt's expression before moving into any practical or tangible solutions. I will point to the energetic currents beneath what appears to be happening before having a conversation about what to do about what is happening. I will stand for your soul's deepest desires and your heArt's highest creative potential above all else. I will reflect your empowered creative choice back to you in every moment, inviting you into the artistry of designing a business that's truly aligned with you. So that your business becomes your your work of art, and contributes to the masterpiece that is your life.

Your life is not Defined by what happens to you, but rather Designed by what you make of every happening.

-Bryanna Dee

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