JAN 2024

Subconscious Self Mastery

Subconscious Reprogramming for Holistic Life Design. This is the path to embodied healing & transformation.


Multidimensional Mama

Liberate Your Experience of Motherhood From Paradigms of the Past and Step Into Your Most Empowered, heArtful Identity as Mama (or Mama-To-Be!)

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Digital Courses

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Being In Business

Embodied Entrepreneurship. Step into Your Visionary CEO Identity. Learn What is Really Required to Design a Sustainable, Scalable Business That Feels Like A Work of heArt. Energetically & Strategically.

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Being The Brand

Master the heArt of Embodied, Authentic, Intentional Personal Branding that Connects & Converts.



Popular past courses that are no longer updated or promoted, but are still totally a vibe. (Any past courses that are now outdated have been retired and removed.)


Clear Mirror

Depthful Teachings & Tools for Safe, Sacred Relating.

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Clear Mirror

The Ultimate Relationship Mastery Course. The Foundations and Fundamentals of Depthful, Honest, Authentic Intimacy with Others. The Quality of Your Relationships = the Quality of Your Life & of Your Business.


Root to Ri$e

Wealth Embodiment. Healing Scarcity and Awakening Abundance Through the Wisdom of Nature. Rewrite Your Financial Reality Through Your Body.


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Self Expressed Sales

Tune Into the heArt & Soul of Authentic, Effective Selling. Where Sales Feel Alive, Aligned, and... Natural.

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Tuned In,
Turned On.

Embodied Offer & Content Creation. Tune In to Your Creative Channel, Turn On Your Self Expression, and Unleash Your Unique Body of Work in the World.

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