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Me: Invests $200k in a law degree that I don’t use.

February 6, 2024

And almost the same amount on college.

I'm Bryanna!

I'm Bryanna—Mama of 3 Under 2, Mentor, heArtist, Entrepreneur, and Mirror of Possibility. ;) Embodiment is the name of the game in my world. All of my work is intended to invite you into deeper embodiment and more expansive creative choice in all that you Be, Do, and Have... so you can live and create into your deepest desires and highest potential.


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This podcast is for entrepreneurs who are as ambitious as they are deep, who know they are meant for BIG things, who are unwilling to compromise their heArt in pursuit of any goal, and who know that you don’t have to. You can, in fact, have it all. When you let Love lead the way.

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And almost the same amount on college. Plus the 10 years it took me to complete my education. (I almost failed high school and had to learn how to learn in community college – undergrad took me 6 years to complete and I took a year off to work at a law firm between graduating college and law school.)

Other people: “Wow, what a great education! You must be so smart! I’m sure what you learned applies to everything! So valuable.”

Me: Invests $6k in my first life coach (half of my life savings at the time), focusing on deepening embodiment and creative expression so I could show up in life & work more authentically.

Other people: “What are you going to GET from that? That’s so much money! This must be a scam.”

Me: takes what I learned, turns around and begins building a multi million dollar brand that I’m wildly in love with and feels alive, on purpose while giving me time to be with my babies whenever I’d like… in less time than it took me to complete my formal education. 🙃🙃🙃

And there’s the entrepreneurs that trash formal education—we ain’t playin that game either. My education developed me. It taught me discipline, critical thinking, public speaking, and soooo much more… That has *directly* translated into success in my business. (How many entrepreneurs are whining about having to do actual work to build their business &&& give it time to get results? Especially online. I don’t get it. I’m over here like bitch this is EASSYYYY compared to the 50-80 hr weeks I worked in college and law school and wouldn’t have seen 1/10 the paycheck from that career that I can see now lolz PLUS I’m obsessed with what I’m doing now and the people I do it with and I can do it all on my own terms from anywhere I want, like, Hi… isn’t that worth working for?)

Mentorship has changed literally everything for me.

Not because I hired somebody to *get* something.

I have never done this.

I have hired people who I admire their mind, adore their heart, and respect their human.

I’ve hired people who *holistically* embody what I want and can offer me multidimensional perspective and individualized guidance.

I’ve also never blamed a mentor for any results I didn’t get. 🫠 Can you imagine a student blaming their professor for the C they got on their paper? They had the same access to the education that the ones who got As did. Something to look at there.

Just like I can’t pay for my law degree — I have to pay for it but I also have to show up to class and take the exams and earn it…

I can’t pay a mentor then expect the result to just fall in my lap.

I’m paying to learn the things that get me to the result…

But the result is on me.

Really, the result IS me.

>>>My ability to generate the result again and again is the long game ROI.<<<

This is why mentorship has worked out so brilliantly for me.

It has paid in dividends… and I have many years left to receive returns on those investments through my businesses.

The investments into… the education, the experience, the embodiment of the human *I chose to hire*…

That informs who I Become.

Not expectations, entitlement, magical thinking.

Some million dollar lessons for you in this. 💎🪞

Instagram post here: https://www.instagram.com/p/C3Bl32iPnab/?img_index=2

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Your life is not Defined by what happens to you, but rather Designed by what you make of every happening. -Bryanna Dee

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Your life is not Defined by what happens to you, but rather Designed by what you make of every happening. -Bryanna Dee

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